Colores del Sur

Baroque Dances for Guitar

The case of the Guitar – and, specially its Baroque Spanish and Italian repertory which forms the basis of this recoding – is particularly revealing. This is an instrument which had a very strong personality in popular music in the 17th century – by virtue of specific techniques and resources which, undoubtedly, were also used in learned music. Yet, from the beginnings of the 20th century the new conservatory tradition handed it over to mindsets attuned to the piano, which suceded in driving the classical guitarist away from the instrument’s original spirit. So, it is not surprising that a flamenco guitarist, for example, often is possessed of a palette of colours and resources, and a more open approach to the question of sound than the best guitarists of the classical repertory.


1. Escena Bestenigar ♮

Dimitrie Cantemir

2. Makam Huseyni ♮

Aga Riza

3. Ezpatadantza ♮


4. Marionas ♮

Gaspar Sanz

5. Allegro del pescador ♮

Nicola Matteis

6. Fandango Urruxka ♮


7. Jácaras ♮

Antonio de Santa Cruz

8. Arpegiatta ♮

Girolano Kapsberger

9. Lacrimae Pavan ♮

John Dowland

10. Colassione ♮

Girolano Kapsberger

11. Preludio ♮

Johann Sebastian Batch

12. Ground After Scotch Humour ♮

Nicola Matteis

13. Cumbés ♮

Santiago de Murcia

14. Preludio & Sonata ♮

Mateo Albéniz

15. Canarios ♮

Gaspar Sanz

16. Danza Ritual del Fuego ♮

Manuel de Falla

*Arragements and adaptations by Enrike Solinís